Minnesota's Lighting Experts

Home Security Lighting

Our system produces enough light to be the primary light source for cameras or doorbells with a video function within the lights’ range. Although light cannot prevent a burglar from breaking into your home, it can facilitate better visibility for you or your neighbors. This visibility allows you to spot someone lurking or attempting to enter, enabling you to take preventive measures or promptly call the police.

Feel Safe In Your Home

Illuminate and secure your home with our security lighting. Our advanced systems offer constant vigilance, creating a well-lit environment that deters unwanted visitors. Feel confident in the protection of your space, knowing you can prevent or respond swiftly to any suspicious activity. Enjoy year-round security with a well-lit home, making it a safer place for you and your family.

See Everything With Your Security Cameras

Our lighting system can serve as the primary light source for cameras or doorbells cameras. Inadequate lighting renders security cameras ineffective in capturing the perpetrator’s face or license plate. Downlighting also minimizes light pollution.

hassle-Free Security

As a Jellyfish Lighting Authorized Dealer, you can trust us and our product to exceed your expectations. Choose confidence in security lighting with our lighting systems. Eliminate the risk of installing lights yourself and ensure year-round safety.

One Time Installation

Eliminate the hassle of repeated installations and enjoy the lasting convenience of permanent lighting.

Discreet from the Street

Our discreet lighting system complements your home while remaining unseen from the street.

16 Million Different Colors

Personalize your home effortlessly with our app, offering customizable colors to match any mood or occasion.

App Features

Zoning allows you to have just the front of your home on holiday lighting, while the rest of your home can be set to your security lighting.

Set up a timer or calendar event for automatic activation and deactivation at designated times or schedule from sun-down to sun-up.

Create your own custom patterns with over 16 million different colors to from or choose from over 102 presets.