Minnesota's Lighting Experts

Commercial Lighting

Illuminate your storefront and captivate attention with impactful commercial lighting. Infuse excitement by switching up colorful decorations daily, making every day a unique display. Bolster security measures with nightly timers, ensuring your premises are well-lit for optimal security camera performance.

Light Up Your Business

Customize the lighting experience by permanently installing the track facing out for direct and focused illumination, or facing down to create a gentle wash of light along the building’s walls. Elevate your storefront’s appeal and security effortlessly with our versatile commercial lighting solutions!

Never Hang Lights Again

As a Jellyfish Lighting Authorized Dealer, you can trust us and our product to exceed your expectations. You don’t have to hassle hiring a temporary lighting company to do it for you ever again. Our permanent lighting solution saves you money in the long-term and lets you enjoy your lighting year-round.

One Time Installation

Eliminate the hassle of repeated installations and enjoy the lasting convenience of permanent lighting.

Discreet from the Street

Our discreet lighting system complements your business while remaining unseen from the street.

16 Million Different Colors

Personalize your business effortlessly with our app, offering customizable colors to match any mood or occasion.

App Features

Zoning allows you to have different parts of your business lit with different settings. Have your entrance brightly lit, while the rest of your building can be set to accent lights.

Save calendar events to schedule your lights to turn on automatically during work hours.

Create your own custom patterns with over 16 million different colors to from or choose from over 102 presets.